Natural Language Processing

Natural langauage proessing is the most important part of your AI bot development process. Once you have created the bot using the following command:

rbp create hello-world

Go to and and click on the Training tab to create your first intent.

Set the entities for a given expression by right clicking on the expression after you have created.

Next, save the recime-nlp-provider to your project:

npm install --save recime-nlp-provider

Make a text request to it and it will return you the entites you have defined for an expression. Copy and paste the following code to your main.js:

import Ext from 'recime-bot-extension';
import responder from "recime-message-responder";

const __ = Ext.default;

exports.handler = (args, done)=>{
        if (result.entities.search_query 
        && result.entities.search_query[0].confidence > 0.8){
            // TODO:// meaningful code.
            done(__.text(`Hey~ ${result.entities.search_query[0].value}`));
        else {
            done(__.text("Sorry I didnt understand."));
    }, (err)=>{

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