Use analytics data to track conversational data and fine-tune the bot using various key elements over a period of time. Click on the "insight" icon from the navigation bar to track the following key metrics:

Conversational Timeline

Gives an overview of the total number of conversation over a period of time. A conversation is a message between a user and the bot.

User Metrics

A number of unique users in your bot for a given period. A unique user or subscriber count is increased when a user interacts with the bot for the first time.

Top Blocks

Gives an overview of the most popular blocks of your bot. This helps you understand the relevance of a given flow against your user base as more people interacts with it.

Missed Conversation

Missed conversation is the opposite of top blocks. It gives you an overview the messages that bot didn't recognize and their frequency. Missed conversations are calculated as the bot hits the default block. This means that the confidence level of a user expression does not satisfy any given blocks.

Configuring Third-Party Analytics

It is also possible to configure third-party analytics for additional information for your conversation. You can configure. Head to the configure and click on the documentation for each supported provider for more information:

Last Updated: 7/2/2018, 10:10:22 PM