Message Construction

In order to construct message, you can use recime-bot-extention npm package. The following is an example of creating a facebook button template:

import Ext from 'recime-bot-extension';
import responder from "recime-message-responder";

const __ = Ext.default;

exports.handler = (args, done)=>{
     done(Ext.default.buttonTemplate("Is it hot?", [
        Ext.default.postBackButton("Yes", "pressed-yes-event"),
        Ext.default.postBackButton("No", "pressed-no-event"))

Since, viber has similar postback support. It will work without a single line of code change in viber.

However, it also saves you time in making more platform specific look and feel. Here is an example of styling a viber button:

import Ext, {Viber} from "recime-bot-extension";
const __ = Ext.default;

const style = {
    bgColor : "#333333",
    textSize: Viber.TextSize.large,
    font : {
        bold : true,
        color: "#33cc66"

exports.handler = (args, done)=>{
    return done(
        __.buttonTemplate(hello, [
        __.postbackButton("FAQ", "faq", style),
        __.postbackButton("About", "about-product", style),

The extension provides common operations that are avaiable across channels:

Ext.default.text("hello world");

Here default tells the extension the underlying channel the bot is running.For information on how to use it, please fork the source here.

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