Built-in NLP

Facebook now support built-in nlp for your bots powered by wit.ai. If you have an existing wit.ai project, you can easily take advantage of it only by setting the WIT_TOKEN in your project:

In order to configure and enable the Built-in NLP feature for your Facebook bot, go to your wit.ai app settings page and copy the server access token and set it as a config var (WIT_TOKEN):

recime-cli config set WIT_TOKEN=PASTE_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE

The entites are sent to your bot through an additonal nlp property which can you access from your bot in the following way:

/*jshint esversion: 6 */
import Ext from "recime-bot-extension";
const __ = Ext.default;

export default class Bot {
        this.args = args;
        return new Promise((resolve)=>{
            switch (this.args.event.name){
                case "start":
                    const nlp = this.args.rawBody.message.nlp;
                    const greeting = this.firstEntity(nlp, 'greetings');
                    if (greeting && greeting.confidence > 0.8) {
                       return __.profile(this.args).then((p)=>{
                            resolve(__.text(`Hey ${p.first_name}!`));
                    } else { 
                         resolve(__.text("Default response"));

    firstEntity(nlp, name) {
        return nlp && nlp.entities && nlp.entities[name] && nlp.entities[name][0];

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