From the terminal app, type in the following command to scaffold your bot project:

recime-cli create [FolderName]

By default the Command Line Interface will create the bot using es6 (the latest update to the Javascript language) template. However, you can choose ether es6 or typescript as language options (--lang=typescript).

This will walk you through a command line wizard and create the bot under the given folder name.

Navigate to main.js and you should see the following:

/*jshint esversion: 6 */

import Ext from "recime-bot-extension";

const __ = Ext.default;

export default class Bot {
        this.args = args;

        return new Promise((resolve)=>{
            resolve(__.text("Hello! I'am a Recime bot. How may I help you?"));

Now, that you have successfully created the bot project, next is to deploy and test it.

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