Configuring WebChat Module

Website bot gives user a similar experience to that of a live chat. However, the conversation happens with an automated agent instead of a human. This helps minimize the cost while being very effective and over time can bring in more leads to your website and improve the quality of service.

Click on the configure icon:

First, customize the look and feel of your bot as shown below:

Next, follow the instructions to copy and paste the web chat module to your site:


You can customize the look and feel by modifying the following properties:

Configuration Value
Theme Color This is the overall theme of your bot. This includes icon, text and bar color
Secondary Color This is the color of the text bubble.
Greeting text This is shown first time bot is loaded.
Greeting delay Delay in seconds before the greeting is shown. Default is 5 seconds.
Launcher Icon This specifies the icon that is shown in the start button
Slient Mode On/Off. Default "off"

Sending Notification to the Bot (Advanced)

It is possible to send a notification to the bot for a user action that can initiate the bot and take the user to a specific flow:

Let's say you have a demo block in your bot and on the website if someone clicks on "Request a Demo" button, it will trigger the demo flow:

<button id="request-a-demo">Requst a Demo</button>

In addition to the script above, copy and paste the following script before the <body/> tag:

  (function(d) {
    d.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
      d.getElementById('request-a-demo').addEventListener('click', function() {'block-id');

This will open the website bot and take the user direct to the specified block when a user clicks on "Request a Demo" button.