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Recimē is an end-to-end AI chatbot platform to automate customer support, content distribution and automate marketing flow. It gives you the tools to build omni-channel chatbots quickly and easily, measure growth, save cost and increase customer satisfaction.


Supported Channels

Recimē is committed to supporting the most channels on the market. Today, you can use Recime to build bots for:

Facebook Messenger _images/messenger.png
Skype _images/skype.png
SMS (via Twilio) _images/sms.png
Telegram _images/telegram.png
Viber _images/viber.png
WebSite _images/website.png
Wechat _images/wechat.png

The Recimē SaaS platform gives you full advantage of the range of structured and rich message types these channels have to offer, all via one easy-to-use and consistent interface.

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