Configuring with Recime

It is also possible to use your own nlp provider and use it with the bot. Below is an example of configuring with recime;

In order to enable natural language processing using API.AI in Recime. Go to your console and copy the client access token:

For more information on how to obtain access token, please checkout the API.AI documentation here:

Go to your bot folder and install the apiai module:

npm install --save apiai

Set the client access token (copied earlier) as a config var:


Once everything is set, you can extract entities from a given text input in the following way:

/*jshint esversion: 6 */

import APIAI from 'apiai';

export default class Bot {

       this.args = args;
       this.apiai = new APIAI(process.env.APIAI_CLIENT_KEY);

      let text = this.args.text;

      return new Promise((resolve, reject)=>{
            let options = {
                  sessionId : this.args.sender

            let request = this.apiai.textRequest(text, options);

            request.on("response", (response)=>{
                  let result = response.result;
                  // TODO://

           request.on('error', (err)=>{

} makes it really easy to define your entities and intents using their interactive console. As for example, we have defined the following intent for extracting city for a given user expression.

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