Bot analytics lets you understand metrics, sentiment, identify problems, and increase engagement for your bot.

Configuring with Recime

In order to configure with recime, first install the dashbot module by typing the following command while in your bot folder:

npm install --save dashbot

Go to and add a facebook bot and copy the api key:

Configure the api key as config var by typing the following command while inside your bot folder:


Create analytics.facebook.js and paste the following code:

import dashbot from 'dashbot';

export default class Analytics {
        this.logger = dashbot(process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY).facebook;


    outgoing(reqData, body){
        this.logger.logOutgoing(reqData, body);

Deploy your bot to start monitoring your facebook data:

recime supports platform specific hooks. Therefore, it possible to configure platform specific analytics and have them under separate modules. For example:

analytics.viber.js => viber analytics.telegram.js. => telegram analytics.js => generic / common

Since, it is possible to add platform specific analytics therefore you can mix & match different analytics providers that work with a specific channel the best for better insights.

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