Getting Started

What is the Recime Platform?

Recime (ˈresəˌmē) Platform is an end-to-end solution for your AI chatbot. It provides you the framework, tools, and infrastructure to build and deploy a chatbot to your favorite channel in few simple steps saving you hundred of development hours.

Recime is built on top of micro-service, therefore, giving you guaranteed high availability and uptime. Moreover, analytics to help grow your bot and increase user engagement.

What can you do with Recime?

Bots built with Recime are cross-platform, scalable and easily manageable. Recime bots are serverless and future ready for an app-less world.

We think of Recime as the ideal bot creation tool. With nearly instant build times and the ability to rebuild whenever a change is made, Recime provides a very fast feedback loop. This is essential when you are innovative bots, but also very useful when creating for multiple clients.

If you’re building bot applications, you can use Recime to quickly create, build, deploy and test your application maximizing development time and resources :

  • Bot application can go beyond singular channels without adding extra work. Instantly add support for all popular messaging and interaction channels using one code base.
  • Live debugging speeds up development time and feature introduction allowing you to release more quickly and service your clients more effectively
  • Leverage the most popular language in the world, ES6 (latest update to JavaScript) or TypeScript, to create your bot application allowing you to share and collaborate with developers worldwide.
  • Bot developers can focus on building bots without having to worry about managing scaling, servers and setup functionality

If you’re a business, you can use Recime to quickly add smart bots to the tools you’re already using and enhance your customer's experience:

  • Engage customers in conversation and support across a variety of messaging channels without spending your team's time learning various intricacies of different platforms.
  • Keep your client and business information safe and secured with AWS KMS (Key Management Service) for maximum security and end-to-end encryption providing you with a peace of mind and safety.
  • Keep multiple stakeholders in the loop with team and resource monitoring giving you useful information to make key business decisions.
  • Add bots to your customer success arsenal in order to automate common tasks freeing manpower and shortening time for your customer's business needs.

Which Channels are Supported on Recime?

Recime is committed to supporting the most channels on the market. Today, you can use Recime to build bots for:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • SMS
  • Viber
  • Twilio
  • WeChat

The Recime Cloud gives you full advantage of the range of structured and rich message types these channels have to offer, all via one easy-to-use and consistent API. When new features are released by channels, Recime stays up to date and helps you take advantage of the new functionality with little or no changes to your existing code.

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